Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paper Quilling

Hi friends, This is my first blog.

I have started off with a new craft "Paper Quilling". Its not a new type of art but has got a lot of popularity lately.

For my creations, I used te following : -

Precut quilling strips mostly of 3mm thickness and a few 10mm ones
Basic quilling tool

Quilling strips are available in the market. Many people also use paper shredders for their assignments however since I am pretty new to this craftwork I am depending on readymade stuff.
I would like to share some of my creations with you all.

These are some of my first creations.

After making these I was wondering how to put them into use. So I thought of putting them on some " gift envelopes "

Since I didn't have any ready ones, I bought some Fabriana 220gsm full size paper and made some Envelopes out of them.


A sneakpeak to my next project

Honestly speaking, all the designs are not completely my own creativity but they have been inspired from various pictures I have seen here and there.

If u like to know more about Quilling, u can refer to this link

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