Saturday, June 23, 2012

More quilled envelopes

My new envelopes...

Bouquet... Inspired and recreated..

All the others are entirely my own ideas..

Floral design

Flower and butterfly in Black and White...

Tried the weave for special effects...

Waiting for comments....

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Quilled Photo frame

Hi Friends,

I am back with my photo frame. Yes, finally completed it and was quite satisfied with the finished product :)
And also gifted it to a friend of mine.. Got some compliments for the same as well...

Unveiling my photo frame..



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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilled envelopes

Hi friends,
I am back with some more envelopes decorated with Japanese Quilling.
Also finished some of the previously made ones. If anyone wants to learn from me or order for any of these then do mail me at Do give your valuable comments.

Got inspiration for this basket from some webpage..

This flower is entirely my creation.. following trial error method :P

Loved this flower when I first saw it.. trial error method again :)

One more made by inspiration.....

Finished this one using small stones.... 

The royal flower in pink...
 A sneak peak at my photo frame...

 Thanks a lot for reading my blog.
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Waiting for your comments  :)
Thanks all for viewing my blog... Waiting for your valuable comments..

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